PDX Writing Adventure: Cthulhu and Cocktails

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As a general rule of thumb, I try to write an hour every day. And because I, like many writers, have a nine to five job, it means I’m producing two types of work each week: early-morning-hurry-up-and-finish-your-sentence-then-sprint-to-the-bus type writing. And weekend writing. Weekend writing is inherently better. And for obvious reasons. There’s just more everything—more time. More coffee. …

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Writing Heat Maps

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I have trouble writing from home. I get distracted if I’m too comfortable. So I’ve always gotten my best work done in a public space—somewhere with a lot of white noise. For every city I’ve lived in, there’s been a coffee shop, a library, or a bar where I’d go to focus. Building on my interest in process, I took a look …

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