The Midnight Club and New London

Writing as John Cartier

11017126_9781630012380_coverYou couldn’t tell by the sight of him, but that hunched over figure, the one leaning heavily on his wooden cane like a withered old man, is Macy Crookstop: high school freshman. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Macy’s condition isn’t the only thing that outcasts him from his peers. When literary magazines aren’t rejecting his writing, and he’s not building sets at a run down community theatre, Macy is just trying to survive high school. But when his father disappears one evening after receiving a cryptic piece of mail, high school quickly becomes the last thing Macy Crookstop is trying to survive. Left to fend for himself, Macy begins experiencing bizarre displacements during the night, coming round in a cellar of puzzling, broken artifacts. And he’s not alone. With the arrival of three more teenagers, each of whom claims to be from a different part of the world, Macy’s perception of reality is quickly being turned on its head. Now, he and this club of misfits must work together to learn the truth about their parents’ adventurous pasts, escape a secret society of murderers, and expose a long forgotten world that will bring into question the extent of humanity’s known senses.

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